Embroidery machines are being embraced in our modern society today. They have the ability to make work easier by making different neat and appealing designs within a short time. In just a minute, the machines have the capacity to complete almost one thousand stitches. Sewing of clothes has become much easier and more efficient.

The various types of machines vary according to their speed. There are those that are fast and those that are of lesser speed. The kind of machine you acquire or buy depends on how much speed you need and the cost. Tajima embroidery machine is well known for its high-speed.

The machines exist in different forms ranging from shapes and sizes in the market. There are those that can be manually operated and others need some material to create designs. They are mainly used in fiber and different projects aiming at embroidery. Purchase of the same may either be a used one or a new one. Ensure to check on the quality, durability, efficiency, and reliability of the machine. For the used one consider how it the maintenance just to be sure of getting a good quality machine.

The machines are also portable, and some need to be fixed, and so you will be required to check on the space you want to you for your embroidery projects. The larger space, the higher the chance of accommodating bigger embroidery machine and vice versa is true.

There are those that can do both embroidery and sewing. These types of machines are mainly used by the tailors in their day-to-day activities. They can do various activities required by them and, therefore, making their work easier.

There are also those embroidery machines that are used for commercial purposes. They are mainly bought for business and hence their speed in design making is a consideration. The faster it is, the better it fits the reason for its purchase. These machines also have some needles. It is advantageous since it gives you the ability to thread several colors before starting your work.

The software used by these machines is commercial software, vendor independent software, machine specific software and independent designer software. They are affordable, and their price ranges from $500-$600. The machines are versatile, and some can perform functions such as resizing editing and pattern creations. It is important to know that before purchasing one that you have to jot down all your specifications so that you get the best one in the market. Check the features to make sure they are working properly.

These machines are very efficient and with the right choice, you will get the best. It is better to take your time to research so that you can make up your mind as you go the market. This helps as you will be going to a particular machine. Again with the right machine, you will always be happy with the quality of your designs. This is an encouragement to do more and more embroideries.

A remarkable comeback yet to be seen by the embroidery machines suppliers!

Embroidery machines are in high demand at the moment because people are beginning to like the embroidery designs. The embroidered designs used to be considered old fashioned but with just like they say old is gold it is coming back to the market. According to the experts, it is said that this is the right time for the embroidery machine suppliers to break even or even make super normal profits as the demand is high like never before.

Analysts also admit that when a quick survey is conducted in stores and shops one can realize the growth and popularity of the embroidery machines in bags, fashion clothes and accessories. This machine is preferred nowadays as it is a method of fabric styling and it has competitive prices in the market. In fashion and design, the patterns indicate creativity and ability to form complex designs. Also, if one wants to have the traditional attires, then these designs are the best fit for it.

Embroidery is coming back due to the availability of advanced machines that can produce quality finishing touches on the fabric and are easy to use. The machines are efficient and readily available in the market.

The machines also have an inbuilt advanced computerized control and are designed to perform the different functionalities e.g. to be used for business and also those for domestic. The machines vary according to functionality, brand name and size. The variances attract difference in prices. Complex machines have the wide variety of functions and hence expensive to purchase. The following are the types of embroidery machines:

  • Mechanical machines: They are efficient and easy to use. They are also affordable, and anyone can have it. These machines are also mechanical in nature and do not require any additional skills apart from how to create a design by the designer.
  • Electronic machines: They are a bit expensive to buy and also to use compared to mechanical machines. The use of electricity adds an extra cost to it. The machines are more efficient than mechanical ones. The disadvantage is that it cannot be used when electricity is not there.

Computerised embroidered machines are slowly replacing the mechanical machines. They make good use of the pre-programmed designs software. The designs are loaded directly into the machine for instance by using USB or even external hard disk. The mechanical ones are well known for their ample time consumption. The machines execute totally different functionalities.

The suppliers tend to target big companies since they make orders in high quantities. That makes them make many machines at a pretty much lower cost, reduce the labour cost and also the time invested in the production. In return, they tend to get more return on investment by making profits, and this makes businesses to be a going concern.

As the embroidery industry is growing by leaps and bounds, it is so certain that the machine suppliers are going to remember this year because of the abnormal profits they will make.

Quilting Using an Embroidery Machine

The use of embroidery machines is embraced by even the old quilters that used the traditional ways of creating designs on fabrics.

Embroidery is an archaic way of adding different designs and decorations to quilts. This can be done either by hand or a machine. The quilter can express his/her creativity with embroidered flowers and different decorations.

In this modern time and period anyone willing to try embroidery can make quilting very different. For example, a quilter can use simple designs and simple one color designs. This works best for beginners mostly.

If one wants to try, one can start by looking for an embroidered design that is simple and stitches can be visualized into a quilt. Some of the simple designs are sun/the moon, flowers, circles and many more. Those that are inspired by redwork work very well.

Always keep in mind the quilt’s top theme in mind. The traditional beauty of a quilted double wedding ring is well known and loved. The top is mostly with a variety of colors; the back is decorated with pretty simple stitching that matches the top design.

Quilting can also be used to make heart into quilt designs. The glamor and beauty of it give an unexpected touch to the fabric making it unique and gorgeous.

At times, you might want to throw together some quick quilt. The notion may not be accepted by many, but a bit of determination and love for embroidery gives a gift of making it personal and so the ability to complete the design.

Creating a lap and baby quilt on the embroidery machine is quite easy. You just hoop your fabric, backing and batting fabric in the embroidery hoop. Decide on the design and get started. This can be done even when one quilts solid color garments.  Embroidery machines make beautiful quilts, and it consumes less time compared to hand made.

For baby blankets e.g. boy footballs, trucks, trains, and airplanes outlines can be used. For a girl, flowers, doll, baskets and many other girly decorations.  The hardest part will be re-hooping the fabric and getting started.

For the decorations above machine embroidery in small units although large quilts can also be done the same way. One can experiment to decide on which method is easier although all these depend on the uniqueness of each project.

Different patterns can be found on embroidery file or can be created by a digitizer. Digitizer takes art images and alters them using a computer to make it appear like a stitch pattern e.g. clips art, drawings and more. Digitizer plans the stitches once you tell him that that image is to be used in quilting.


If you want something rich in tradition then quilting is the way to go. Machine embroidery mostly is not preferred by the true blue quilters. Sometime back quilters had objected the use of machine embroidery in their projects. Embroidery machine can be used from time to time for fun and also rewarding in a sewing technique.

Points to Consider When Purchasing an Embroidery Machine

Before buying an embroidery machine, one has to consider several factors. It is always advisable to take time doing research such that when you are buying the embroidery machine you will be settling for the right choice. There are so many machines in the market today, and this is why it becomes hard to decide on which one actually to buy. All these machines have different specifications and quality standards.

When buying an embroidery machine here are some of the things you should look for:

  • How you want to use the machine: The embroidery machines work differently. There are those that are good at certain things while others are not. This relates to the use of big and small size designs. Large designs will need a large embroidery machine and small embroidery machines for small designs. However, space in the room where you will be stationed is also important. If you choose a large embroidery machine, you should have a large room so you can have a good working space and if you have a small room, then a small machine will fit in that and still have some working space left.
  • Software package: always avoid complicating things after buying your new embroidery machine. Just get a software that is easy to use until you are experienced in embroidery although it may take some time. It is important because at first one will be concentrating on doing designs and standard editing. This can be done by buying cheap software for simple designs then a bit expensive for complicated later. This gives an allowance for learning the basics and increases creativity. Again companies credit purchase cost towards the upgrade as this is cost saving as one progresses up the embroidery ladder.
  • Whether it is profession or hobby: this is important. Buying a machine is not easy because it involves some huge amount of cash. It is good to identify what you want to do with it. No one wants to spend a huge amount of money on something that will not be utilized fully. If the machine is to be used for professional purposes, then you will be required to purchase a commercial grade one since it is more efficient and handles more workload and it is faster in project finishing. It is better to start small since the ultimate goal is to enjoy your job even if income follows later.

An adequate amount of preparation is needed in researching about embroidery machines. This helps a lot when one is ready to purchase one. The majority of people will not invest in time, and they end up buying any machine they seem to like yet they may be of low standard. This is not good for success.  With the right machine, a person can make quality designs that you and family will treasure for decades and it also you gain experience in this field either as a profession or a hobby. Never settle for less but the best.

The Brother Embroidery Machine

One can assume that embroidery products are usually the same, and this can make someone to just but any that suits their budget. This is wrong because the products differ. Just to discuss further here are qualities that one should look for when purchasing an embroidery machine.

Things to consider when purchasing an embroidery machine.

  • Quality: the brother embroidery machine should be of high quality and standard. Quality is important since it will be able to offer more than just one service. It can create very good and different designs.
  • Performance: when it comes to performance the embroidery machine has to be efficient. It should not break each and every time or become faulty. The efficiency of the machine will make the quilter be able to finish his or her task in real time, and the outcome will be of good quality.
  • Appearance: a good embroidery machine should at least be attractive and appealing to the eyes. Appearance makes someone not to doubt the quality of the outcome and also gives a classy look to the quilter.
  • Easy to use: a good embroidery machine should be easy to use such that a quilter can use it even after just reading the manual. A machine that is difficult to use is time-consuming and also kills the morale of using it.
  • Durability: Embroidery machines that are durable can stand the test of time. They can be used for a longer period without wearing down. They are also very strong in nature.

The brother embroidery machine has these qualities. All the products that they sell have exceptional style, quality and are easy to use.

Seven types of embroidery machine products

  1. Needle home embroidery machine- Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e – it is the most popular Brother Embroidery products. It has a colorful touch LCD screen and over 110 designs that are inbuilt. It also has got decorative alphabets and 28 adjustable font designs.
  2. Dream Maker XE VE 2200: this has over 318 inbuilt designs, framing combinations are 140 and 14 embroidery fonts.
  3. PE 780D: it has 188 inbuilt designs. You can import designs using USB port. Your needs and requirements can be designed using the LCD touch screen.
  4. Simplicity SB7050E: this has five lettering fonts and 120 inbuilt designs. The needle threading, pattern rotation and the LCD screen eases the designs to create.
  5. HEI: Hei is used in the creation of accessories, clothing and home décor. It has five lettering fonts, 120 patterns and inbuilt designs are 70.
  6. PE500: It is affordable in the market currently. Inbuilt designs are 70 with 120 frame patterns. One can import designs to this machines.
  7. PE770: it has 136 inbuilt designs, 120 frame patterns and five lettering fonts. It also has editing features.
  8. Entrepreneur PR655: It has 25 inbuilt designs with 28 fonts that can be adjusted. It also has six needles with a single head that help in embroidering a larger area.

Always get the know-how of the Brother Embroidery Machine before selecting one. You should also consider the features and how unique they are.

How to Get Started With Home Embroidery Machine Hobbies

There are so many websites that do offer free designs that someone can use on any fabric and with ease. If someone has hobbies in a home embroidery machine, then these websites can be of help. The machine software is inbuilt with patterns and designs that you can keep changing to come up with one that fits your taste and preference since this do vary from individual to another.

There are so many that can be downloaded. As a beginner, one should start with few and simple designs until him or her becomes perfect. Step by step you can try more and more designs so that they do not become overwhelming, keeping in mind that perfection is key to any good and adorable. The good thing is that since these designs are freely available one can try as many as possible without incurring any cost.

It is vital to identify the designs and decide on which pattern matches with them. It will not take long before you start realizing an improvement on your work. With unlimited use of internet in design creation, a lot of designs can enhance your imagination and also improve your creativity. New creations are unique, sparkles and enhance the glamor of an individual. It also allows one to express their love for embroidery in a tangible way even though it’s just a hobby and with every bit of appreciation from the public motivates.

In occasions and events e.g. valentines, thanksgiving, Christmas and special holidays embroidery is mostly the theme. Since one can get various designs freely one can make an impressive gift for the ones they love, for themselves and also some to showcase. This is an opportunity for people to express their taste and passion for embroidery.

Hobbies for home embroidery machines is becoming well known to many worldwide. This is because of the great people who made this available freely on the internet sites. You can find attractive designs which are free for monogramming and eye-catching designs that you can gift babies. This makes it easy for any new learner to understand the tricks of embroidery without having to go into class to train for it.

It is a fact that embroidery machines cannot replace the archaic embroidery. Many people do not have time to spend on learning embroidery that is expensive, painstaking and time-consuming when it comes to finishing a project. Although the machine is affordable, the designers can enjoy visual impact that is usually the same.

One can think of which fabric to embroider and this includes t-shirts for your siblings, special club jackets, jeans, hankies, hats and streamers to be used on special occasions.

For creative, latest, unique and eye-catching designs, one can always go online and choose from the variety of designs. The advantage is that it opens one’s mind someone can actually try various ideas online and see the outcome instantly. Hobbies have now been made extremely easy to execute a project.


How to change the needle on an embroidery machine

You will most of the time find that you require different designs or patterns created on a piece of fabric. It is very easy to do that especially to an experienced person. The key challenge is how to change the needle. You might want to change a design but if you have no idea for changing needles you are doomed and will be stuck.

The needles are of different lengths and sizes and numbers. The lower the number the thinner the needle is and the higher the number, the thicker the needle size. The embroidery machines usually have the needle screw that tightens the needle to the clamp.

When changing the needle, remove the thread. Lower the presser foot so as to raise the needle to its highest point. Loosen the needle clamp screw while holding the needle with the left hand and right hand on the clamping screw and remove the needle. Having a new package with you, break and pick the right needle size that you need. The needle at the top is flat place that side to the back and insert the needle up into the clamp then you tighten the needle clamp screw.

However, it is also hard seeing the eye of an embroidery needle because they are very tiny and one is left wondering how it manages to handle the nature of its work the entire day. I am motivated to bring up the use of hemostat. It is a more advanced method of replacing needles. It has many useful purposes mainly in art needle industry apart from it being used in the medical field. It is also highly recommended for quilters.

Experiencing difficulties in changing needles in embroidery machines? Then you have a reason to smile now. The hemostat is used to ease replacing needles. The locking clamps assists in giving extra support. It is made of stainless steel and so it is long lasting. One can purchase this from uniform shops, medical supply stores and embroidery accessory company. The hemostats allow you to clamp the needle and move it to position easily. To align the eye of the needle with the handles of a hemostat is always the key.

With the help of hemostats, one can tell where the needle’s eye is even without seeing it. You just push the needle into the bar and ensure you move the hemostat’s handles so that they can face out straight. Always place the indent just behind the needle or the flat side of the needle in the back. This depends on the requirements of your needle. Before releasing the hemostat ensure you tighten screws.

Changing needles on the sewing machines is easy when one is directed on how to do it. You can use less than a minute to do that. Caution should be practiced to ensure no injuries from the needle. I wish you all the best as you embark on your art work dear embroiders.